101: Query letter critique from Tracy Marchini (4 of 5)

ITEM: Query critique. I’ll look at the letter as I had when I was reading the query box. I’ll give revision suggestions designed to hook the reader, strengthen the plot summary and highlight the submission’s assets. Winning critiques will receive feedback within two days from receipt of query.

BIO: Tracy Marchini is a freelance writer and editorial consultant. Before launching her own editorial service, she worked for Curtis Brown, Ltd. for four years. She has also been a newspaper correspondent for The Taconic Press, children’s book reviewer for BookPage and freelance copywriter for Scholastic.

Tracy has been accepted for publication in Highlights Magazine and is the recipient of a partial grant for an October, 2010 Highlights Founder’s Workshop, a barter at the La Muse writer’s retreat in Southern France for July/August 2010, and a 2006 Puffin Grant to write a non-fiction picture book on Queen Lili’uokalani.

You can also find Tracy at www.tracymarchini.com,  Publisher’s Marketplaceand Twitter.


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    12 GPB

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    Hopefully, £15

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    17 GPB

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    21 GPB