103: Signed copy of THE LONG WEEKEND by Savita Kalhan (4 of 5)

ITEM: Signed copy of THE LONG WEEKEND by Savita Kalhan

DETAILS: Sam knows that he and his friend Lloyd made a colossal mistake when they accepted the ride home. They have ended up in a dark mansion in the middle of nowhere with a man who means to harm them. But Sam doesn’t know how to get them out.

They were trapped, then separated.

Now they are alone.

Will either of them get out alive?

“One of the most important books published…I honestly can’t recommend this book highly enough.” The Bookbag

“An uncompromising thriller which will chill you to the bone and have you breathlessly turning page after page.” The Bookette

Published by Andersen Press

BIO: Savita Kalhan was born in India, but has lived in the UK most of her life. She graduated with a Joint Honours degree in Politics and Philosophy from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. She was a Batik artist before going to live in the Middle East where she taught English for several years. Then she turned to writing.

Now living in North London, she continued to write. Her debut novel, The Long Weekend, published by Andersen Press, is a tense thriller about two boys who are abducted after school. It was short-listed for the Fabulous Book Award 2010.


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