104: Critique and feedback on non-fiction book proposal + signed books by LINDA JONES

ITEM: Critique and feedback on non fiction book proposal plus signed copies of The Greatest Guide to Freelance Writing, publication late 2011; Love to Write: A Schoolrun guide to helping your child in literacy (provisional title), publication due 2011.

BIO: Linda Jones is director of the Midlands-based editorial agency, Passionate Media. The multi award-winning business has built up since 2003 when Linda founded the company to expand her freelance writing career. Passionate Media now has a six-strong team including two more writers and a graphic designer. Linda’s freelance career started in her back bedroom in 1998 as she attempted to work around her twin daughters. She’s a former editor of the St Petersburg Press (Now St Petersburg Times) in Russia and a district news editor at the Wolverhampton Express & Star and Worcester Evening News.

Passionate Media has been running popular and respected workshops for journalists, PR and marketing professionals and aspiring freelance writers for two years. These include how to make more money as a freelance, writing skills and maximising the impact of social media. Linda’s modestly titled — but acclaimed — book, The Greatest Freelance Writing Tips in the World was published in 2007 and shares ‘hard lessons learned’ along the way. It’s now being updated and renamed under a deal with a new publisher to go on sale in late 2011.

Linda is also currently working on a book for parents of primary school children to help them love literacy. She was recently named as Most Inspirational Blogger in a UK parenting blog community’s awards and is also editor of the website Ready for Ten, published by Britvic and aimed at families with children aged six to nine. Linda blogs at www.freelancewritingtips.com, edits the family travel blog Have a Lovely Timeand shares stories of mental illness at Speaking Up, Breaking the Silence.

As a freelance contributor/agency director Linda has contributed to most UK national newspapers and best selling women’s magazines, arguably most notably with stories about getting big pants for Christmas and one entitled: “Mummy, why does that lady have a beard?”


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  1. Parklover says:

    This is a great offer.
    Linda’s Freelance Writing Tips book has advice which actually works. She manages to be encouraging but realistic. I highly recommend it!

  2. £10. Woohoo! Linda can be MINE!

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    Thank you for the bids x

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    £30 It’s such a good cause

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