109: Story Development brainstorming session + synopsis critique + signed ARC of DEAD RULES by Randy Russell

ITEM: I’ll be happy to provide a week-long email STORY DEVELOPMENT brainstorming session and SYNOPSIS CRITIQUE with an eye toward honing your story concept for best advantage in today’s fiction market. We will work together with your original story idea with an emphasis on making the synopsis — and tagline — as highly commercial as possible to catch an agent’s (and editor’s) immediate attention.

I’ll include a signed U.S. edition ARC of DEAD RULES that I will happily send directly to the winning bidder.

BIO: I am the author of DEAD RULES (HarperTeen June 21 2011), a YA paranormal novel that will also be published by Quercus Books UK this year. It is a Summer 2011 Junior Library Guild “High Interest” Selection. I am also the author of five adult mystery novels, the first of which was a finalist for an Edgar Award. I am represented by Merrilee Heifetz, Writers House Literary Agency.

My website link: www.ghostfolk.com


45 Comments on “109: Story Development brainstorming session + synopsis critique + signed ARC of DEAD RULES by Randy Russell”

  1. Anita Loughrey says:


  2. Elpi Pamiadaki says:


  3. Christal Carroll says:

    30 pounds (my keyboard lacks a pound sterling symbol)

  4. £50 First–I would LOVE an ARC so I don’t have to wait until JUNE to read this book (and of course I’m buying it anyway). Then there’s the possibility of doing an MS review with Randy? OMG. Want.

  5. Elpi Pamiadaki says:


  6. Charlie Phillips says:


  7. Charlie Phillips says:

    Oooh, £85.

  8. Sarah Milne says:

    How high will we go??? 😉 I’ll raise you to £87

  9. Charlie Phillips says:

    Quick response to my bid! £89.

  10. Don’t think so >:) £95

  11. Sarah Milne says:

    ooooh upping the stakes. Have to be careful not to get carried away! Having said that, £98

  12. I want to bid $175.00 = 108.96 pounds.
    I hope I am doing this correct.
    I heart goes out to the people of Japan.

  13. Elpi Pamiadaki says:

    This is getting exciting now.

    But I have a question. Is the week defined as a 7 day week :-)) or a five day week? And do we have to present a synopsis chapter by chapter or a general idea and work from there?

  14. Elpi, I’ll be happy to exchange email about your work for a week or two. There are no rules. Where your own interests reside, and how far along you are with your project, will determine where we focus. It’s up to you, really, and what you’re comfortable with.


    Please allow me to thank the bidders for your generosity in support of Authors For Japan. THANK YOU! Your participation is greatly appreciated and I will take working with you to heart and you will receive my best effort. Remember, though, our focus will be on story and finding the strongest commercial aspects of your current work and making sure the design of your story and the way you synopsize it — right down to the tagline — highlights the same.

  15. Elpi Pamiadaki says:

    I’m back in. This sounds like a great deal and it’s for a very good cause. £125

  16. Sarah Milne says:

    This is getting exciting Elpi. I’m still in but going to wait till Sunday now. Am bidding on a couple of things and, as the stakes rise, need to throw it all into one basket. Just need decide which one!

  17. Sarah Milne says:

    Ok, I’m going to go £130.

  18. Not sure what time here 8 p.m. in London is. Soon, though?

  19. Sarah Milne says:

    Just over four and half hours to go. It’s 3.20pm here now.

  20. Sarah Milne says:

    This whole thing is awesome. Some fantastic things up for auction and amazing generosity of those who are giving their time and items. It looks like loads of money has been made but I hope a lot more comes in the last few hours.

  21. Elpi Pamiadaki says:


  22. Elpi Pamiadaki says:


  23. Charlie Phillips says:


  24. Charlie Phillips says:


  25. Elpi Pamiadaki says:


  26. Charlie Phillips says:


  27. Elpi Pamiadaki says:


  28. Charlie Phillips says:


  29. Charlie Phillips says:


  30. Charlie Phillips says:


  31. Elpi Pamiadaki says:

    Well done everyone. I think we’ve done something great tonight. Enjoy the experience and make the most of it.

  32. Sarah Milne says:

    That was awesome. I was shaking. I’ve spent way too much but an amazing cause. I’ll dedicate my first published novel to those people in Japan and this auction 😉 I hope everyone who bid on here enjoys being part of it too and may have won other things. At the end of the day it was going to be luck and hitting the button at the right time on this one! x