125: Signed first 5 books of the EVERVERSE series by Stella and Audra Price + book swag

ITEM: Signed first 5 books of the Eververse series by Stella and Audra Price: Sugar and Sin, Silk and Steel, Frost and Flame, Msaquerade and Forever Shadow, the anthology including the novel, You Burn Me. These will be supplied in PRINT or E book format, Winners choice.

PLUS Winner will also receive some book swag of authors choice, which can include stickers, signed promo, tshirt, keychains or totebags.

DETAILS: Step into the Eververse, a decadent world close to our own where supernatural races coexist with humanity and quietly influence the world around them. Rife with demons, witches, fey, vampires, assassins, and magic, Eververse is where fantasies come true, good doesn’t always triumph over evil, battles for supremacy are won and lost and almost anything is possible.

What do you do when everything you ever loved is taken away from you with no hope of ever getting it back? If you’re the Demon prince Cassiel, you join forces with some unlikely friends and take back what’s yours… with interest.

Warning; These books are filled with naughty sex, tons of violence and a lot of characters with potty mouths. THIS IS NOT YOUNG ADULT.

BIO: Bi-continental, Stella and Audra break all misconceptions about siblings. Writing as a team they have produced well over twenty novels as well as several novella’s and short stories. And Nary an argument has come from it. You can see all their books and info at www.stellaandaudra.com


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    I’ll open bidding at £10

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    Raising to £15

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    £20 🙂