14: Signed copy of NEW BEGINNINGS by Rebecca Emin

ITEM: A signed copy of my children’s novel NEW BEGINNINGS for children aged 8-12 and due to be published early 2012 at the very latest. The winning bidder will receive one of the first copies of the book when it is published.

DETAILS: Sam is eleven years old and just about to start at senior school. She’s a gentle, happy soul but quite shy. That’s all it takes for the less pleasant characters in her class to single her out and bully her.

During the course of the story, Sam finds some good friends who help her to build the confidence to deal with the situation. She also has several positive adult influences in her life, who encourage her to develop her personal interests in the performing arts.


3 Comments on “14: Signed copy of NEW BEGINNINGS by Rebecca Emin”

  1. Linda says:

    I’d like to start the bidding at £30 please, sounds a lovely book to this mum of two, good luck Rebecca.

  2. I’ll bid £32 (or US equivalent). Best of luck on New Beginnings, and may it help start some new beginnings in Japan.

  3. Rebecca Emin says:

    I am bowled over by the bidding on this. So much so that I’m adding a copy of ‘Shambelurkling and Other Stories’ (an anthology for the same age group, which I have 2 stories in) and other bits and pieces that I will be creating eg stickers. Thanks to everyone for being so generous to the people who need it right now.