146: Signed proof of SAM BAKER’s new novel + character name


ITEM: Signed proof of Sam Baker’s new novel, TO MY BEST FRIENDS and Sam will also name a character in her next novel (out autumn 2012) after the winning bidder.

DETAILS: Nicci Morrison was always the first of her friends to do everything…

But she wasn’t meant to be the first to die.

Nicci has one last chance to make a difference before she leaves – by leaving letters bequeathing her most treasured possessions to her closest girl friends.

To Mona – single and searching – she bequeaths her husband David, little knowing her best friend found The One a long time ago, it’s just that Neil is married…

To childless Jo O’Hara, Nicci leaves the care of her three-year-old twin daughters. Jo however, far from longing for children, is finding it hard to cope with the fortnightly arrival of her husband’s two sons.

To Lizzie Freidman, her flatmate from college, she leaves her garden. But while Lizzie is loyally tending Nicci’s plants, the parts of her own life that are in desperate need of attention are falling by the wayside.

In death, as in life, Nicci doesn’t always know best, and she did not imagine the changes, and traumas that her letters set in motion for the loved ones she’s left behind.

BIO: Sam is editor-in-chief of Red, and author of the novels The Stepmothers Support Group and To My Best Friends (Harpercollins, May 2011), amongst others.



19 Comments on “146: Signed proof of SAM BAKER’s new novel + character name”

  1. Han says:

    I’ll bid £30

  2. Mary Holmden says:

    Hi I’m bidding £35

  3. Han says:

    I’ve been topped on some of my other bits so make it £40

  4. Andrea says:


  5. […] 146: Signed proof of SAM BAKER’s new novel + character name […]

  6. […] 146: Signed proof of SAM BAKER's new novel + character name … […]

  7. […] 146: Signed proof of SAM BAKER’S new novel + character name […]

  8. sue g says:

    I’ll bid £55

  9. Andrea says:


  10. Jemma Chambers says:

    £75 – thank you 🙂 Really hope I win! Love Sam Bakers writing.

  11. Jemma Chambers says:

    £100 – Watching Jon Snow’s Tsunami Report – upping my bid to £100

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