166: Signed pre-release copy of BUT I TOLD YOU LAST YEAR THAT I LOVED YOU plus two further signed novels by SUE HEPWORTH

ITEM: One signed pre-release copy of my brand new book – But I Told You Last Year That I Loved You – not to be published officially until June. And two signed copies of my first two novels: Plotting for Beginners, and Zuzu’s Petals.

But I Told You Last Year That I Loved You

Frances has been married to Sol since the beginning of time. He is eccentric and difficult to live with, but she finds him endearing and very funny, even while wanting to strangle him with his own jogging bottoms. Now, something threatens to split them apart. Frances wants one thing and Sol wants another, and there is no way to compromise. But I told you last year that I loved you is a portrait of a mature marriage at a crossroads –  intimate, funny, tender and honest.

“clever, funny, subtle, wry, sad and uplifting all at once…Sue Hepworth writes thoughtfully and insightfully, and with such tenderness and humour”  Judith Murray, literary agent

Plotting for Beginners (written with Jane Linfoot)

Sally Howe plans to spend her husband-free year trying her hand at becoming a wildly successful author. But she’s beset by distractions – the first being a queue of local lotharios, led by young Billy Bathgate, village postmaster with a tartan trouser habit and an obsession with drain rods.

“Funny, quirky…different, refreshing, and spot-on with its observations,” The Guardian; “Dangerously addictive,” BBC Radio

Zuzu’s Petals

Corinne has a new house and a new career. Does she even have the time for a new man? Corinne doesn’t think so – she’s too busy turning her hobbies into a business, helping out on a friend’s allotment and trying to get on with her new reclusive neighbour, Rob. But when her elderly father becomes seriously ill, the thought of losing him tips her into a passionate affair with Charles, a man she barely knows. When her world begins to change, and Corinne is struggling to cope, who will be there to offer support?

“Full of warmth and wit, this is a romantic and often very moving novel, with a wonderful cast of characters”Lucy Diamond

BIO: Before becoming a writer, Sue Hepworth worked as a research psychologist, a social researcher, a full time mother and various combinations of these. She has many first-person pieces The Times and has been published in The GuardianThe Observer and The Independent. She lives in the Derbyshire Peak District and writes a regular blog at blog at suehepworth.com


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  1. Caryl says:

    Great collection. Will you post to Canada? If so, I bid 10 pounds

  2. Mary Holmden says:

    I’d like to up that to £15

  3. These all sound like my kind of books 🙂

  4. Sue Hepworth says:

    Ooh, three bids already! Exciting! Yes, I will post them abroad.

  5. Mary Holmden says:

    £35 (after checking the piggy bank!)