ITEM: A copy of Greg William’s two most recent books, ANOTHER MAN’S LIFE and THE ACCIDENTAL FATHER.

Another Man’s Life – Tom is married with two kids. After losing two jobs in as many years, Tom is now a house-husband. Tom is having mid-life crisis at 37. Sean, his twin, owns his own business, wears handmade suits, belongs to the right clubs and has reservations at the right restaurants. Sean is the embodiment of successful man. Sean craves stability and domestic bliss. Sean fantasises about packed lunches and playgrounds. Sean is having a mid-life crisis at 37. Tom dreams of a day when his shirt is not dripping with his children’s vomit or food. The brothers decide to use the trick of their birth to live each other’s fantasies; to live another man’s life for two weeks. The only rule: keep Tom’s wife, Sara, out of it and do the swap when she is away. But, of course, things are never quite so simple. Sara returns early, Tom discovers all is not so well with Sean’s hugely successful business and Sean is developing a serious crush on another mum at the school gates. The lie begins to founder and the truth of what these brothers really want begins to emerge.

The Accidental Father – Alex Taylor is a lucky man. He has a large house in the London suburbs, a well-paid job and a beautiful wife. On the surface everything is rosy. But it isn’t. He is bored by his job as the chief accountant at a small chain of travel agents, has a love/hate marriage, and drinks more than he should. He and his wife Amanda, who’s an estate agent, communicate by leaving each other notes stuck to the refrigerator door. They only have sex when they’re drunk. They have no children. He dreams of leaving his job to open a coffee shop. But then his world changes. A solicitor tells him that he’s been left something in an ex-girlfriends will – a daughter, Caitlin. A daughter he never knew he had and who has no other relatives. On the same day he discovers that his wife is sleeping with his boss. Suddenly he is alone with a massive new responsibility. And part of the deal with social services is that Caitlin is going into ‘a stable family environment’. So he hires Erica, a single Mum whom Caitlin takes a liking to. He gives up his job and starts to set -up the coffee shop that he has always dreamed of running – with Caitlin alongside him. But his new life is not easy. How will Alex dodge social services, form a relationship with Caitlin – a thirteen-year-old stranger – and somehow find it within himself to put down new roots and rebuild his life from scratch?


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  1. Rebecca Emin says:

    £5 these books sound fab!

  2. Mary Holmden says:

    I’ll raise that to £10

  3. Debs says:

    How come I’ve never heard of these before – they sound right up my street (like Cheryl Cole says) £12.99

  4. Lynne Milford says:

    I’ll bid £16. Sounds like two great books.

  5. Mary Holmden says:

    OK £18 please

  6. Shell says:

    I’m in for £20

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