170: Frank and fearless 1000-word critique by KATIE FFORDE

ITEM: A frank and fearless critique of 1000 words of your novel by best-selling romantic novelist, KATIE FFORDE.

BIO: Katie Fforde has lived in Stroud for more than twenty years. She didn’t start writing until she had moved there and had the third of her three children.

Her early married life was spent on the water, either at sea with her husband, or with him running a narrow-boat hotel. From there they moved to Wales, where they had two children, an Irish Wolfhound, two cats and five hens and narrowly avoided keeping goats. Leaving behind the hens, they moved to Stroud where they had another baby, and have lived ever since.

Most of her experiences — however minor — tend to end up in her books, as she hates wasting anything. Nowadays, however, she has to turn to research more and more as she’s running out of things in her own life to write about.

While her hobbies include housework and ironing, she has little time for them, as she is too busy with the important things in life like gardening, shopping and watching television.



16 Comments on “170: Frank and fearless 1000-word critique by KATIE FFORDE”

  1. Anne Booth says:

    I know this will be quickly outbid, but I’ll start at £50

  2. Philippa Gee says:

    And here we go with a bid of £100.

  3. Hazel Gaynor says:

    I’ll see your £100 and raise you £10 (so that’s £110 I bid)!

  4. Talei Loto says:

    I’ll bid £125

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  6. Claire Dawn says:

    I live in Iwate, Japan, in a town about an hour inland of the devastated area. As an aspiring author, I’d like to thank you for doing this.

  7. Alex Brown says:

    I’ll raise you a £150 xx

  8. Charlie Phillips says:

    I’ll bid £155.

  9. Talei Loto says:

    I’ll bid £165

  10. I bid 170.

    Such a wonderful idea this way of raising money for Japan. Kudos to the creators and the donators !

  11. Tamsin says:

    Reading all these comments and bids is making me tear up. It is utterly amazing.

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  13. Talei Loto says:

    £175 bid. Happy Friday! 😉