21: Bespoke children’s artwork/illustration by Sophia Leadill Taylor

ITEM: A bespoke piece of children’s artwork/a children’s illustration with any name that the winning bidder chooses embedded into the artwork.

DETAILS: The winning bidder can select any theme (within reason, and at my discretion) that they think that their child/or the child for whom the artwork is intended) would like – examples could be: dinosaurs/witches/fairies/animals/favourite TV characters, etc.

This will be an unframed mixed media piece, and if the winning bidder wishes, I can incorporate a photograph of their child/the child for whom the finished artwork is intended into the finished piece, along with their name.

I can work in a variety of different styles and the the chosen theme will influence the style in which I create the final piece.”

BIO: Sophia Leadill Taylor is a professional artist and illustrator and has worked in community arts and as a professional face,body painter and illustrator for over twenty years.


16 Comments on “21: Bespoke children’s artwork/illustration by Sophia Leadill Taylor”

  1. Thanks for the ‘Ooh’ : )- and of course for your lovely bid for such an important cause!

  2. Julie Barton says:

    20! What a great offering. 🙂

  3. And another very kind bid! I will be creating something Fabulous for the winning bidder …

  4. Kelley Townley says:

    £25 easily!

  5. How wonderful! Thankyou SO much for your bid. Fantastic to know that we are all helping such an important cause,this is a fantastic site… I’m scuttling off now to see what else I can bid on … : )

  6. Marjorie says:

    Irresistibe… I’ll bid £35

  7. Good Heavens! What a kind lot of Lovelies you all are …

  8. Lizzie Speller says:

    Lucky person who gets it-but I’ll bid £50 and hope! x

  9. Lovely Kind Lizzie Speller, in the words of Julian Clary,’I Thank You’ and – * waggles a long lottery-like digit towards an unsuspecting Lizzie Speller * – It could be YOU! We shall have to wait and see … and a Great Big Thankyou for your bid : )

  10. […] 21: Bespoke children’s artwork/illustration by Sophia Leadill Taylor […]

  11. Julie Barton says:

    Fingers crossed… 65!

  12. Ooh – exciting stuff! Thanks for your lovely bid Julie Barton : )Ten minutes to go….Ooh!!!

  13. Julie Barton says:

    Ooh, ooh, do I win? (This is very exciting!)

  14. Julie Barton – I believe that you DO : ) Well Done you! and Thankyou SO much to everyone who has bid on this item, you are all absolute stars and I just wish that I could create something for all of you x