50: Signed first edition hardback of SCRIVENER’S MOON by Philip Reeve.

ITEM: I’m donating a 1st edition hardback of Scrivener’s Moon, which is the sequel to A Web of Air and Fever Crumb and the latest installment of the Mortal Engines sequence. I’ll sign it and, if the buyer wishes, I can do a drawing on the title page as well.

BIO: Philip Reeve is the author of a number of successful children’s and young adult novels, including the MORTAL ENGINES series and the Carnegie Medal winning HERE LIES ARTHUR. As an illustrator he has supplied illustration for numerous books including Murderous Maths, Urgum the Axe Man, and a few of the Horrible Histories.

Philip blogs at www.philipreeve.blogspot.com.

23 Comments on “50: Signed first edition hardback of SCRIVENER’S MOON by Philip Reeve.”

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  2. Kay says:

    I’d like to start the bidding at £50 for this one, please.

  3. Ali B says:

    I’d like to offer £80

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  5. Jed Barish says:

    I bid £140. I love Mr. Reeves work and have collected the entire Mortal Engines sequences in hardcover.

  6. Ali B says:

    I bid £140

    • Jed Barish says:

      Dear Mr. Reeve,
      I’m what you call a “kindly old man” and I can see that Ali B. is as big a fan of your brilliant work as I am.

      I’ll raise my bid to £150 and I wonder, if Ali matched my bid, you would consider allowing 2 winners?

      Ali, since this for such a good cause, if Mr. Reeve can not accept my proposal, if you raise you bid to £175, I’ll drop out of further bidding.

      If I won, I was going to request a dedication to myself and my 3 beloved cats and ask that you sketch Grike with my 3 cats on or near him :-).

      I’ll be waiting anxiously for your response. I’m in Nevada, USA GMT-8 (I think) PST.

      • Philip Reeve says:

        Dear Mr Barish,

        That sounds more than reasonable; I think I can rustle up an extra hardback copy. I can’t promise a very good likeness of the cats, but I’ll do my best!


      • Jed Barish says:

        Mr. Reeve,

        Thank you!

        Ali, are you in?

        I’m SO excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. […] 50: Signed first edition hardback of SCRIVENER’S MOON by Philip Reeve […]

  8. Bill Fannin says:

    I bid 160 GBP.

  9. Ali B says:

    I see another bidder has offered £160. I’ll offer £170. It’s for a great cause.

  10. Jed Barish says:

    I’ll match that 170 from Ali if that’s OK Mr. Reeve.

    I agree that this is a great cause.

  11. Bill Fannin says:

    It is a great cause, so I bid 175 GBP.

  12. Jed Barish says:

    OK, I’ll go to 180 GBP. Maybe Philip, Bill, Ali and Jed can all move somewhere together and pass it around 🙂

  13. Jed Barish says:

    I do believe the cats and I have got it!

    Bill and Ali, you can buy a signed copy at:


    for GBP 13.

    Bless you both for caring so much about our unfortunate brothers and sisters in Japan.

  14. Jed Barish says:

    Mr. Reeve,

    Please let m know where to send a phoo of the cats. I understand that they won’t look identical and I’ll b thrilled with whatever the outcome.

    Thank you for your generosity.

    Jed Barish

  15. Jed Barish says:


    I think Mr. Reeve would let you get a copy by matching my GBP 180 bid. Why don’t you write and ask him?


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