54: Signed CATHY CASSIDY FLIPS for Nintendo DS set

ITEM: I am offering a signed Cathy Cassidy Flips for Nintendo DS set, which includes six of my books (Gingersnaps, Driftwood, Sundae Girl, Scarlett, Angel Cake & Shine On Daizy Star) formatted for use on a Nintendo DS hand-held. The books have extra quizzes, games & unlockable content also.

BIO: I went to Art College in Liverpool, then got a job as fiction editor on the fab and legendary Jackie magazine. For 12 years I was the agony aunt for teen mag Shout, as well as teaching art in several local primary schools, but these days the books are taking up pretty much all of my time and attention.


9 Comments on “54: Signed CATHY CASSIDY FLIPS for Nintendo DS set”

  1. I’ll come in at £10 : )

  2. Ooh,are we engaged in a bidding war missis? I’ll have to go and have a coffee and come back once I’ve thought out my strategy 😉

  3. Sarah says:

    I’m bidding £18.

  4. Lezzles says:

    £20 = twenty smackeroonies.

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