58: Character name in new novel by KATE HARRISON

ITEM: Your name – or a friend/family member’s – will feature in either one of my women’s fiction novels or Book Three of the Soul Beach trilogy (your choice) – plus there’ll be a personal mention in the acknowledgements and a signed copy of the novel.

[Note from Kate: Please note it will be a minor character and only the name will be used, rather than any personal or physical attributes! There will also be a bit of a wait because I’m already working on books for 2012 & 2013.]

BIO: Kate Harrison is the author of The Secret Shopper novels and of the forthcoming Soul Beach trilogy. A former BBC journalist, she now writes full-time. Her first book, Old School Ties was published in 2003 as part of the WH Smith Fresh Talent list, and since then she’s written eight more books for adults, including The Secret Shopper’s Revenge, which was shortlisted for the Melissa Nathan award for comedy romance.

Kate blogs at chicklitworkinprogress.blogspot.com.


10 Comments on “58: Character name in new novel by KATE HARRISON”

  1. Amanda says:

    £10 starting bid!

  2. Jessica Read says:


  3. You’ve been so generous already – so the winning bidder will also receive a signed copy of the rather lovely hardback of The Secret Shopper Affair, which was published this week.