123: Signed copy of FAT GIRLS AND FAIRY CAKES by Sue Watson + character name in new novel

ITEM: Signed copy of FAT GIRLS AND FAIRY CAKES which won’t be out until July 2011 PLUS a character name in Sue Watson’s new novel.

DESCRIPTION: I would be delighted to donate a signed copy of my first book Fat Girls and Fairy Cakes which is out in July. I am currently writing my second novel which has been accepted by the same publisher and would be more than happy to include a named character.

BIO: Sue Watson was born in Manchester long ago and after attending Manchester Polytechnic and hanging around the Hacienda for far too long, moved to London to seek fame and fortune. She found neither, but had a wonderful time working as a journalist on tabloid newspapers and women’s magazines. Sue then moved into Television, eventually becoming a Producer with the BBC. Here she worked on garden makeovers, kitchen takeovers and daytime sofas – while making copious notes so one day she could live in the country and write about it. She kept the notes and now writes novels in Worcestershire, where she lives with husband Nick, daughter Eve, two cats and a rather glamorous goldfish.


14 Comments on “123: Signed copy of FAT GIRLS AND FAIRY CAKES by Sue Watson + character name in new novel”

  1. Great title! I bid £4

  2. Ooh I’ll go to £5…

  3. Mary Holmden says:

    I’m bidding £10

  4. Jason says:

    I’ll go to £15!!

  5. Andrea says:


  6. Jennifer Connaughton says:


  7. Andrew Michaelides says:


  8. Sue Watson says:

    As the crisis deepens it just feels like we can’t do enough… I think we’re all just so grateful to be able to do SOMETHING! Thanks to everyone bidding. As a brand new naked novelist (still awaiting book cover) I thought I may be a Cinderella writer with only my best friends’ bids! I really appreciate your comments and bidding. Sue x

  9. Jan says:

    £40 – because you’re worth it

  10. Sue Watson says:

    Love you Jan xxxxxxxx

  11. Judith says:

    77 pounds please
    I don’t have a pounds sign 😦
    – from Australia