95: Signed first editions from JULIAN STOCKWIN’s Thomas Kydd series plus a boxed musket ball

ITEMS: Signed first editions of the latest two books of my Thomas Kydd series plus a boxed musket ball.

DETAILS: INVASION – Napoleon’s forces are poised to invade Britain, and Commander Thomas Kydd’s ship is at the forefront of the fleet defending the English coast. His honour restored after temporary disgrace in the Channel Islands, and reunited with his ship Teazer, Kydd seizes the chance to fight for his country.

VICTORY – Commander Thomas Kydd is eager to play his part in thwarting Bonaparte’s plans for the invasion of England. Joining Admiral Nelson’s command, Kydd and his ship soon find themselves at the heart of the action that leads up to the famous clash of the mighty British and French fleets at Trafalgar.

BOXED MUSKET BALL – recovered from HMS Invincible, sunk off Selsey Bill in 1758

BIO: Julian Stockwin is the author of the acclaimed Thomas Kydd series (11 titles to date) and “Stockwin’s Maritime Miscellany”. He is published internationally and has been called the superstar of naval fiction set in the Age of Sail.

His website is http://www.julianstockwin.com.


13 Comments on “95: Signed first editions from JULIAN STOCKWIN’s Thomas Kydd series plus a boxed musket ball”

  1. Marjorie says:

    I bid £20 on this lot…

  2. Alan says:

    I’ll bid £50

  3. Jim says:

    I’ll bid 60 UK pounds

  4. Jill Mansell says:

    I’m bidding £80. I’ve always wanted a musket ball!

  5. Mike Jarman says:

    I bid £100.

  6. Jill Mansell says:

    Do you, Mike? DO YOU, Mr Delicious Ginger Biscuit and Tea Brack Man??
    OK, I’m bidding £120.

  7. Mike Jarman says:

    Jill, as I already own Julian’s amazing books, I graciously retire from the bidding. However, I will make a donation for this fantastic cause. Just point me in the right direction?

  8. Mike Jaman says:

    Jill, Just donated my bid to the cause.
    I hope you end up with the musket ball! 🙂

    Fantastic offer Julian!

  9. Greatly appreciate everyone’s very generous bids – wish you could all win!

  10. Jill Mansell says:

    Just checking the clock. Have I won?? Yay!