97: Four months advertising space on NOVELICIOUS

ITEM: Four months 250×250 top advertising space on Novelicious (20,000-30,000 visitors a month) along with design/creation of a gif ad.

DETAILS: Novelicious is a website dedicated to women’s fiction in all its wonderful incarnations.

Chick lit, hen lit, YA, bonkbusters, romantic comedy and lad lit that’s mostly read by girls – whatever your women’s fiction tastes, visit Novelicious for up to date news, reviews, exclusive author interviews and competitions!

BIO: Kirsty is a writer from Greater Manchester. She edits the popular Female fiction website – Novelicious (@novelicious) and is currently working on her first novel.


15 Comments on “97: Four months advertising space on NOVELICIOUS”

  1. Jill Mansell says:

    I’ll bid £60. This is fun!

  2. Hayley Long says:

    Seventy-five quid 🙂

  3. I’ll bid £80 x

  4. K x says:

    Oh wow! Thanks so much for all this bidding. Super exciting and generous xx

  5. All right then *rolling up her sleeves*


  6. Right, this is war!!

  7. […] 97: Four months advertising space on NOVELICIOUS […]

  8. 145

    Because you’re worth it!

  9. Ruth Saberton says:

    £150! *gulps* !!

  10. 160

    she’s off again!