98: Signed copy of ILLUMINATING TORCHWOOD featuring Carrie Dunn

ITEM: Signed copy of ILLUMINATING TORCHWOOD featuring Carrie Dunn


Carrie says: I like to think of myself as a Torchwood fan with a healthy degree of scepticism about the ways in which the storylines are constructed and acted, so when I was asked to contribute to Illuminating Torchwood, I was delighted. It’s a selection of critical essays looking at narrative, character and sex in the BBC series starring the one and only Barrowman.

I have two essays in the collection – ‘The Alien Woman: Othering and the Oriental’ about the ways in which women are represented in the series, and ‘No Consent Necessary: A Feminist Perspective on Non-Consensual Penetration’ about the ways in which a number of characters are tricked into sexual activity. There’s lots of other good stuff in there too that I didn’t write – who’d have thought it? A good read for a Torchwood fan, a student of television or media, or someone who’s interested in gender and sex issues and their portrayal.

BIO: Carrie Dunn is a journalist and occasional broadcaster. She writes for publications including the Times, the Guardian and the Independent, mostly on popular culture, feminism and sport. She also lectures in journalism, media and pop culture at various universities and is currently completing her PhD in female sports fandom.


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  1. Tamsin says:

    £10. Awesome. Just awesome. Feminism in sci-fi, a much needed debate.

  2. Linda says:

    I’d love my daughters to read this. £12.

  3. Hannah says:

    This looks awesome – £14.

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  6. This will be great! £20.

  7. Carrie says:

    Poor form to bid on my own item? I bid £25, the RRP!