175: Character name in JULIE BERTAGNA’S next book and a signed copy of EXODUS

ITEM: Character name in Julie Bertagna’s next book and a signed copy of award-winning EXODUS with snazzy brand new cover.

DETAILS: The EXODUS trilogy is an epic story of love and survival against the odds set in a stormy future:Mara’s island home is drowning as the ice caps melt and Earth loses its land to the ocean. In the midst of a storm surge which all but drowns her island, Mara and her people set out onto the oceans to find a new home – but tragedy strikes. Alone in the world, can Mara find hope, love and a new life on a devastated Earth?

A miracle of a novel… a book you remember for the rest of your life’ – Guardian

BIO: Julie Bertagna is an award-winning writer who lives in Scotland and is published in many countries around the world.

8 Comments on “175: Character name in JULIE BERTAGNA’S next book and a signed copy of EXODUS”

  1. Keren David says:

    Sounds great…£10

  2. Raimy Greenland says:

    £15 awesome lot!

  3. Wouldn’t a character named Candy in yournovel be a bit hilarious though? £20

  4. Teri Terry says:

    Candy, you could always give the name of one of your children, instead?
    £25, if my Muse can have the honour (Banrock).

  5. Kelley Townley says:


  6. Teri Terry says:

    £30 for Banrock!

  7. […] to Authors for Japan. I have been inactive for a couple of days, and what do I find? I could be a Julie Bertagna character. I didn’t know that. Julie definitely needs a bookwitch. Although I already own a signed copy […]