Author Claire Allan’s top picks

Claire Allan lives in Northern Ireland, where she is a journalist by day and novelist by night. She has published four bestselling novels with Poolbeg Press Rainy Days and Tuesdays, Feels Like Maybe, Jumping in Puddles and It’s Got to be Perfect. Her fifth novel is due for release in October 2011.

170: Frank and Fearless 1000 critique by Katie Fforde

Because the first 1000 really do count and are vital in making an impression to busy editors and publishers. And Katie knows her stuff and, I imagine, would be frank and fearless in rather a nice way… with chocolate.

26: Four week freelance journalism telephone mentoring sessions and signed books by Linda Jones

I’m wearing my “dayjob” head hear – and promoting journalism. Increasingly the industry is turning to freelances – so why not kick start your new career (or flag up your old one) with some mentoring from Linda? Yes, you can subsidise your writing career until hat big deal comes along or make this your main career. Brilliant offer!

139: A character name in Melissa Hill’s new book

Melissa is hugely successful and I’m a great fan of her books. This would be a great treat for yourself or someone you want to spoil. And you don’t have to do any of the work – just hand over some of your lovely money.


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    Thanks for including me Claire.

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