Blogger Betty Herbert’s Top Picks

Betty Herbert is a blogger who writes about the trials, tribulations and joys of keeping sex alive in long term relationships. Her book, The 52 Seductions, will be published by Headline in July. You can follow her continuing escapades at

These are her top picks:

133: Signed copy of RUNNING by Rachel Newcombe

I’m new to running, and so am currently trying to learn as much as I can about it. Plus, reading about running is easier than actually, you know, running, isn’t it? I realise I won’t get very far with that attitude.

129: Signed copy of KILL-GRIEF by Caroline Rance + typeset of chapter 1 + signed gin miniature with Kill-Grief label

I’ve long adored Caroline Rance’s blog The Quack Doctor, and so I’m dying to get my hands on her novel. Plus, this bidding lot involves gin. Say no more.

97: Four months advertising space on NOVELICIOUS

This one’s going off like a rocket! A great opportunity for anyone with a novel – Novelicious has a huge and discerning audience. They’ll even design your ad for you!

21: Bespoke children’s artwork/illustration by Sophia Leadill Taylor

I’ve never come across Sophia’s work before, but it’s absolutely beautiful. A fabulous chance for a new author to lend real polish to their work. I wonder how she feels about erotic illustrations…

23: Dedication in the front of JILL MANSELL’S next book

What an opportunity! I’m hoping that someone will use it to propose. But then, I’m a romantic soul like that.


3 Comments on “Blogger Betty Herbert’s Top Picks”

  1. Jill Mansell says:

    Oh wow, I hadn’t thought of that! There’s a Hollywood ending right there…

  2. Ooh what gorgeous comments,Thankyou so much!
    I would consider erotic illustration … but I’d have to be able to sneak the odd garden gnome in there somewhere and it might spoil things a bit …