Publisher Scott Pack’s top picks

Scott Pack used to be buying manager at Waterstone’s but is now publisher at The Friday Project and does some digital jiggery pokery for HarperCollins as well. He does other stuff, like blogging and tweeting, but if you are remotely interested you can probably Google him.

OK, so I have been asked to pick five items from this amazing auction. Here goes:

30: Sex scene critique + signed copy of THE 52 SEDUCTIONS by Betty Herbert + Betty & Herbert mugs

Sex scenes in novels are nearly always rubbish, really pants (pun noted, but not intended). So the chance to have your technique touched up by a professional (OK, I intended those ones) is too good to turn down. And you get mugs, for putting tea in. Splendid.

149: Exclusive short story by MIRANDA DICKINSON starring the winning bidder + signed books

I once commissioned a short story for a friend’s birthday and it remains the best present she has ever had (or so she says). Even better than the face bra I got her the year before.

54: Signed CATHY CASSIDY FLIPS for Nintendo DS set

Because it is all modern and techie and I am a digital person and should really be see to be supporting such things. And my daughter loves her books.

23: Dedication in the front of JILL MANSELL’S next book

This is a real money can’t buy item, although in this case money can buy it. So what are you waiting for? I have been lucky enough to have two books dedicated to me and they are two of the most precious books I own. Go for it.

145: Your pet in RUTH SABERTON’s next novel

Immortality for your pet. And if we are talking about a hamster or a stick insect then the chances are that it won’t be alive for much longer. Get in quick.

Lots of other wonderful things to bid for though. These ones are bound to go through the roof now I have recommended them!