Author Harriet Evans’s top picks

Harriet Evans, a former publishing executive in the U.K., is the author of four novels. She lives in London where she is writing her next novel.

163: Signed US edition of I Heart New York by LINDSEY KELK

I love seeing different treatments of the same book, and I love Lindsey Kelk, she is so funny. I would definitely go for this gorgeous US cover which could be a Little Slice of the Big Apple (do you see what I did there?) on your bookshelf. Amaze.
55: Character name in Sarra Manning’s new adult book
I am a massive fan of Sarra Manning. She gives women’s fiction a good name. Love her books so much, adult and YA, this would really be something special I recks. Also: they’d be extremely stylish as a character, she knows clothes, that woman, she knows clothes (try saying THAT when you’ve had a couple of glasses of wine).
23: Dedication in the front of JILL MANSELL’S next book
I can’t believe this one, it’s amazing. JILL MANSELL. WOULD DEDICATE HER BOOK TO YOU. That’s JILL MANSELL. Not only is this worth a LOT, but you’d be famous, millions of people read Jill’s books. Your name preserved at the front of her book for posterity!! It’s like writing a book without any of the actual hassle! Also: it’d be a great book, you know it. Woo hoo.