Journalist Kelly Rose Bradford’s top picks

Kelly Rose Bradford is a writer and journalist penning self indulgent, first person pieces for the national press and parenting news and features for AOL’s Parentdish. She is also prone to talking rubbish on the radio, embarrassing her eight-year-old son, and drinking too much cheap wine. And she may have ONCE mentioned she has a puppy…

12: Telephone coaching session with Coaching Writers

Eve Menezes Cunningham is one of the most inspiring and genuine coaches out there – her compassion, kindness and dedication shine through in everything that she does, and her people skills and ability to get the best from people are second to none – this is an amazing lot for one lucky bidder!

18: Copy of DIAMONDS AND PEARLS short story anthology

I am very proud to be a contributor to this book, which was put together by my friend and colleague Elaine Everest to raise funds for a breast cancer charity. Elaine is a breast cancer survivor of thirty years standing, and this collection of stories from some of the biggest names in magazine fiction is a truly sparkling smörgåsbord of short tales.


Diversifying is the key for a successful journalistic career in the current economic climate, and who better to show you how to do it than Linda Jones? She’s been there, done everything and got several hundred t-shirts. Whoever wins this workshop place will be learning from a total pro.

30: Sex scene critique + signed copy of THE 52 SEDUCTIONS by Betty Herbert + Betty & Herbert mugs

I know nothing of this book, and frankly, the sex scenes that my depraved mind drums up are, for now, staying between me and my laptop, BUT LOOK AT THOSE MUGS! Surely EVERYONE will be bidding hundreds and hundreds of pounds just to get their mitts on those beauties?

146: Signed proof of SAM BAKER’s new novel + character name

Some people name stars after their loved ones or get awful pastel blankets embroidered with their kids’ names. Or WORST OF ALL, have the names of people they love tattooed up their forearms. Please do none of those things. Instead, bid on this listing and have your significant other, offspring, dog, secret crush, sworn enemy, milkman or pet stick insect immortalized in print. My ego is SO badgering me to flash some cash…


One Comment on “Journalist Kelly Rose Bradford’s top picks”

  1. Linda says:

    Thanks Kelly for your encouragement – some of my T-shirts used to be size 8 and now they are mostly 22s.