YA author Keren David’s top picks

Keren David started out in journalism as a teenage messenger girl, and after a career in national newspapers, turned to writing books for teens. Her first book When I Was Joe was published last year and won the North East Teen Book Award.

145. Your Pet in Ruth Saberton’s next novel

Just reading the bids in so far testifies to the great love pet-owners have for their animal friends, and the daft names they give them. I am calculating how much I’d pay to immortalise our beloved guinea pigs.

55. Character name in Sarra Manning’s next adult novel

Anyone who’s read Sarra Manning’s adult novels knows there’s a great chance here for your character to have fabulously interesting sex and a satisfyingly damaged past.  Irresistable.

38: Signed copy of TAKING FLIGHT by Sheena Wilkinson (1 of 5) (2 of 5) (3 of 5) (4 of 5) (5 of 5)

Not many writers could splice urban grit with a pony book and get away with it, but Sheena Wilkinson’s YA debut is a triumph. Five copies on offer here, perfect for a reading group or gifts for favourite nieces.

153: Signed original drawing of Tobias from CITY OF THIEVES by Ellen Renner

Love Ellen’s books, and Tobias is my favourite character. He’s brave, resourceful and straight-talking –  and Ellen gives him lots of troubles to test him. I’d love to see what he looks like.

161: Manuscript/submission package critique + mentoring by YA author KERIS STAINTON + signed books

She’d tell it as it is, but she’d do it in a really nice way.