Author Jane Wenham-Jones’s top picks

Jane Wenham-Jones is an author and freelance journalist who has been widely published in women’s magazines and the national press. She has published three novels and two non-fiction books – Wannabe a Writer? – a humorous look at how to get published and Wannabe a Writer We’ve Heard Of? – a guide to hitting the publicity trail. She has also contributed to several anthologies. She writes regular columns for the Isle of Thanet Gazette,Woman’s Weekly Fiction Special and Booktime and is the “agony aunt” for Writing Magazine.

165: First chapter critique plus a signed copy of Girl on the Run by JANE COSTELLO

A signed copy AND a critique – what more do you want? Getting your work looked at by a successful, published author is always a fantastic opportunity. A Sunday Times Bestselling one has got to be worth an extra-large bid

149: Exclusive short story by MIRANDA DICKINSON starring the winning bidder + signed books + brownies!

Your chance to perfect and immortalise yourself in fiction. You can tell Miranda you’re younger, slimmer and richer with a string of exotic lovers and a much smaller Writers’ Bottom. (If you’re very sensibly not a writer – you have been warned!) Unique offering from a great author.

47: One hour of Scrappy Phone Coaching with Kimberly Wiefling

An hour of phone coaching is always tempting. May well bid myself. Can Kimberly make me more organised, rich and successful and get me churning out a string of best-selling books instead of spending my days eating chocolate and posting on twitter? Worth a few quid to find out…

32: Design, Build and Launch of a Book/Writing Themed Blog or Website by Brendan Gannon

Hey this has got to be good. A whole new website – and someone else to do it for you! You can lose your entire life trying to do this sort of thing yourself – not to mention spend a fortune. Hurrah for Brendan!

30: Sex scene critique + signed copy of THE 52 SEDUCTIONS by Betty Herbert + Betty & Herbert mugs

This could be invaluable. I can’t be the only one who finds it difficult to write the squelchy bits without feeling sill (why I generally get their kit half-off then cut hastily to the post-coital sandwich). An amazing chance to get the once-over for your leg-over and a couple of mugs to boot. What with a signed copy of The 52 Seductions that’s the whole of the next year sorted. Terrific! 🙂