Journalist Andrea Wren’s top picks

Andrea Wren is a freelance journalist and travel writer, and has written past and present for national publications such as the Guardian, The Times, The Independent, Wanderlust, Zest, Glamour and Spirit & Destiny, plus in flight magazines like easyJet Traveller and JetAway, and regional publications like North West Business Insider. She writes a travel blog called Travelling Wren.


Linda is a whirlwind – I’ve never known anyone as driven as her, but as helpful and supportive as well. Today’s freelance market is tough so anyone with a freelance writing career should JUMP at the chance of bidding for a place on this workshop. It will be a wonderful opportunity to learn from Linda.

134: Hand-made artists pamphlet of poetry and art work by Rachel J. Fenton

What a beautiful and rare thing to own! Not a commercially published book, but a collection hand-made from the author and artist herself. And Rachel’s poetry is very rich, almost visual in itself.

180. Walk-on part in REBECCA EMIN’S next novel + signed books

I just think this would make a lovely and such an unusual gift for someone – who wouldn’t want to see themselves featured in a book? Especially a child. A very rare opportunity for the winner, in my opinion.

60: One to one social media mentoring with Alison Norrington

Need to brush up on your social media skills? Then look no further. Alison Norrington’s offer is one to be snapped at. I think there’s nothing quite like real live mentoring to work out a strategy for the virtual world!

32: Design, Build and Launch of a Book/Writing Themed Blog or Website by Brendan Gannon

This is a FABULOUS auction lot. You couldn’t ask for anyone more qualified to design your website, and there’s no place in today’s world to be an author without an online presence or blog.


2 Comments on “Journalist Andrea Wren’s top picks”

  1. Rebecca Emin says:

    I am at a loss for words. Andrea, you have no idea how I feel having read this! Thank you.

  2. Linda Jones says:

    Same here, thanks so much. x