Payments update

Morning! We tried to post this update last night, but WordPress was down.

Just wanted to say that we’ve already received payment on over 100 items, which is brilliant.

We’ll start emailing donors (with the details of the winning bidders) today.

If you haven’t yet paid and are a UK tax payer, please consider adding Gift Aid to your donation – it increases it by 28% and doesn’t cost you an extra penny.

Thank you! You’re amazing.

3 Comments on “Payments update”

  1. Bel says:

    Im sure I won an auction but I haven’t received an email yet does this mean I didn’t in fact win or are you still sending out emails to winners?

    • Keris says:

      Oh how spooky – I have literally just emailed you! It was my mistake, I didn’t realise the later bid was lower than yours. Sorry about that.

      • Bel says:

        Oh good, I’ve got your email now I was a bit worried there for a moment.
        I will sort out sending the receipt right away.
        Thank you

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