UPDATED 169: Your name as a character in a book in Tommy Donbavand’s new, top secret series + FULL SET of SCREAM STREET books + Scream Street posters

ITEM: Your name as a character in a book in Tommy Donbavand’s new, top secret series (he’ll tell you when it’s in, so it won’t be a secret then) plus FULL SET of SCREAM STREET books.

DETAILS: Scream Street is a series of 13 comedy horror novels (11 published so far) telling the tale of Luke Watson who, after he begins to change into a werewolf, causes his family to be moved to Scream Street – a secure location for vampires, zombies, monsters and more.


BIO: Tommy Donbavand was born in Liverpool, but doesn’t know any of The Beatles.  When he was 11, his parents moved to Lancashire and, because they didn’t trust him to forward the post, he had to go with them.

After an early career as a clown called Wobblebottom (no, really!), he joined the cast of the West End musical, Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story where he played the Clearlake MC for a total of eight years, including stints on the UK tour and in Toronto, Canada.

Tommy then moved into the world of theatre production, where he wrote, directed and appeared in theatre tours such as Robinson CrusoeHey Diddle Diddle, and Goldilocks & The Three Bears.

As an author, Tommy’s series of comedy horror novels, Scream Street, is published by Walker Books in the UK, Candlewick Press in the USA and major foreign publishers in many territories around the world.



129: Signed copy of KILL-GRIEF by Caroline Rance + typeset of chapter 1 + signed gin miniature with Kill-Grief label

ITEM: I’m offering a signed copy of KILL-GRIEF, the typescript of chapter 1 with all my editing scribbles on it PLUS a signed gin miniature with Kill-Grief label – there are only 50 of these in the world.

DETAILS: Chester, 1756: Mary Helsall is a reluctant nurse with a lot to hide. From the stormy seashore to the screams of the operating theatre, and from a backstreet gin shop to the chilling dungeons of the gaol, she searches for an independent future. Before she can find it, she must fight the attraction of oblivion and decide whether addiction is a fair price to pay for love.

BIO: Caroline Rance writes historical fiction with a focus on the dark and gruesome, and is currently working on her second novel, The Love of Freaks. She runs The Quack Doctor, a popular website about the strange history of patent medicines. The site was recently shortlisted as Best Literary Medical Blog of 2010 in the Medgadget Awards.


125: Signed first 5 books of the EVERVERSE series by Stella and Audra Price + book swag

ITEM: Signed first 5 books of the Eververse series by Stella and Audra Price: Sugar and Sin, Silk and Steel, Frost and Flame, Msaquerade and Forever Shadow, the anthology including the novel, You Burn Me. These will be supplied in PRINT or E book format, Winners choice.

PLUS Winner will also receive some book swag of authors choice, which can include stickers, signed promo, tshirt, keychains or totebags.

DETAILS: Step into the Eververse, a decadent world close to our own where supernatural races coexist with humanity and quietly influence the world around them. Rife with demons, witches, fey, vampires, assassins, and magic, Eververse is where fantasies come true, good doesn’t always triumph over evil, battles for supremacy are won and lost and almost anything is possible.

What do you do when everything you ever loved is taken away from you with no hope of ever getting it back? If you’re the Demon prince Cassiel, you join forces with some unlikely friends and take back what’s yours… with interest.

Warning; These books are filled with naughty sex, tons of violence and a lot of characters with potty mouths. THIS IS NOT YOUNG ADULT.

BIO: Bi-continental, Stella and Audra break all misconceptions about siblings. Writing as a team they have produced well over twenty novels as well as several novella’s and short stories. And Nary an argument has come from it. You can see all their books and info at www.stellaandaudra.com

99: Complete set of signed troll books (THE GRUNT AND THE GROUCH) by Tracey Corderoy plus picture book/signed poster

ITEM: I can offer a complete set of signed troll books (The Grunt and The Grouch) plus the picture book/signed poster.

DETAILS: Meet the Grunt – if you dare – the grumpiest troll in the world! When the Grunt finds a party invitation on his doormat, he is furious – he hates Tuesdays, he hates visitors, and he hates parties. But then he meets the Grouch … and things are never quite the same again.

BIO: I was born and grew up in industrial South Wales where factory chimneys outnumbered the sheep on the hills!

When I was eighteen I moved to Bath where I trained to be a primary school teacher, graduating in 1987 with a First Class Honours Degree.

When my eldest daughter was born, I decided to leave teaching to spend time at home being a mum and to try to improve my cooking skills (which are still not good!).

More recently, I have supported children in primary schools where I have implemented literacy programmes and re-integrated children returning to school following periods of long-term illness. It was during this time that I became passionate about writing for children – convinced that language, expressed through wonderful literature, is the key that stimulates learning and imagination.

I now live in a hidden valley, surrounded by sheep, wild deer and cows with big fluffy ears! Along with my husband and two daughters, I share an ancient cottage with a huge Golden Retriever called Dylan (from Pontypool), two cats, guinea pigs and a teeny mini-lop eared rabbit who makes loud ducky noises!


95: Signed first editions from JULIAN STOCKWIN’s Thomas Kydd series plus a boxed musket ball

ITEMS: Signed first editions of the latest two books of my Thomas Kydd series plus a boxed musket ball.

DETAILS: INVASION – Napoleon’s forces are poised to invade Britain, and Commander Thomas Kydd’s ship is at the forefront of the fleet defending the English coast. His honour restored after temporary disgrace in the Channel Islands, and reunited with his ship Teazer, Kydd seizes the chance to fight for his country.

VICTORY – Commander Thomas Kydd is eager to play his part in thwarting Bonaparte’s plans for the invasion of England. Joining Admiral Nelson’s command, Kydd and his ship soon find themselves at the heart of the action that leads up to the famous clash of the mighty British and French fleets at Trafalgar.

BOXED MUSKET BALL – recovered from HMS Invincible, sunk off Selsey Bill in 1758

BIO: Julian Stockwin is the author of the acclaimed Thomas Kydd series (11 titles to date) and “Stockwin’s Maritime Miscellany”. He is published internationally and has been called the superstar of naval fiction set in the Age of Sail.

His website is http://www.julianstockwin.com.

80: Signed copies of FIREBRAND and BAD FAITH by Gillian Philip + two signed FIREBRAND posters + character naming

ITEM: Signed copy of FIREBRAND and BAD FAITH by Gillian Philip plus two signed FIREBRAND posters and the chance to name a character in a future novel.

BIO: Gillian writes anything that comes into her head, including fantasy, crime, science fiction and horror. Her books include Bad Faith, Crossing The Line, The Opposite of Amber, and (for Hothouse Fiction) the Darke Academy teen horror series. Firebrand, the first of four novels about the Scottish Sithe, was published in August 2010 by Strident, and its sequel Bloodstone comes out this August. She also writes short educational novels for Evans Brothers.

40: Critique of covering letter and first chapter + signed copy of WRITE TO BE PUBLISHED by Nicola Morgan + limited edition hessian crabbit bag.

ITEM: Nicola will provide to any UK resident: a free critique of a covering letter and first chapter of a novel PLUS a signed copy of Write To Be Published and limited edition hessian crabbit bag.

BIO: Nicola Morgan is an award-winning author with around ninety published books to her name and is well known as a speaker about all aspects of writing and publishing. She is the creator of the popular blog, Help! I Need a Publisher! (www.helpineedapublisher.blogspot.com) and is proud to be the first Google result for the phrase Crabbit Old Bat.

Write to be Published is based on the blog and is published by Snowbooks. Notable works include her famously gruesome novel Fleshmarket; the Aventis short-listed Blame My Brain: The Amazing Teenage Brain Revealed; and her recent award-winning novel, Wasted, shortlisted for many awards and nominated for the Carnegie Medal. She lives in Edinburgh with her family and many pairs of boots.