180: Walk-on part in REBECCA EMIN’S next novel + signed books

ITEM: A signed copy of Rebecca Emin’s children’s novel NEW BEGINNINGS (age 8-12) and of SHAMBELURKING AND OTHER STORIES (children’s anthology Rebecca has two stories in) plus a walk-on part in Rebecca’s second novel WHEN DREAMS COME TRUE


NEW BEGINNINGS is a novel for children aged 8-12, due to be published early 2012 at the very latest. The winning bidder will receive one of the first copies of the book when it is published.

SHAMBELURKING AND OTHER STORIES is a collection of poems and stories for children aged 8-12, which was published in aid of the National Autistic Society Early Learning Program.

WHEN DREAMS COME TRUE is a novel for 10-14 year olds about a girl who has always had really vivid dreams… and then some of them start to come true.



178: Your name as a character in TABITHA SUZUMA’s next book + signed copies of her five YA books

ITEM: Your name as a character in TABITHA SUZUMA’s next book plus signed copies of her five YA books: Forbidden, A Note of Madness, A Voice in the Distance, From Where I Stand and Without Looking Back.

BIO: Tabitha Suzuma was born in London in 1975 to an English mother and a Japanese father, the eldest of five children. She went to the French Lycée, hated school, refused to work and sat at the back of the class, writing stories. When she was fourteen, she just stopped going to school – much to her teachers’ relief and her parents’ anguish. Ten years on she returned to the classroom, this time as a Year 1 teacher. At this point she wrote her first novel, A Note of Madness. She went on to write three more novels for young adults: From Where I Stand, A Voice in the Distance and Without Looking Back. Her latest novel, Forbidden, is an incestuous love story between a brother and sister. She is currently working on a book about euthanasia entitled A Time to Die.


175: Character name in JULIE BERTAGNA’S next book and a signed copy of EXODUS

ITEM: Character name in Julie Bertagna’s next book and a signed copy of award-winning EXODUS with snazzy brand new cover.

DETAILS: The EXODUS trilogy is an epic story of love and survival against the odds set in a stormy future:Mara’s island home is drowning as the ice caps melt and Earth loses its land to the ocean. In the midst of a storm surge which all but drowns her island, Mara and her people set out onto the oceans to find a new home – but tragedy strikes. Alone in the world, can Mara find hope, love and a new life on a devastated Earth?

A miracle of a novel… a book you remember for the rest of your life’ – Guardian

BIO: Julie Bertagna is an award-winning writer who lives in Scotland and is published in many countries around the world.

UPDATED 169: Your name as a character in a book in Tommy Donbavand’s new, top secret series + FULL SET of SCREAM STREET books + Scream Street posters

ITEM: Your name as a character in a book in Tommy Donbavand’s new, top secret series (he’ll tell you when it’s in, so it won’t be a secret then) plus FULL SET of SCREAM STREET books.

DETAILS: Scream Street is a series of 13 comedy horror novels (11 published so far) telling the tale of Luke Watson who, after he begins to change into a werewolf, causes his family to be moved to Scream Street – a secure location for vampires, zombies, monsters and more.


BIO: Tommy Donbavand was born in Liverpool, but doesn’t know any of The Beatles.  When he was 11, his parents moved to Lancashire and, because they didn’t trust him to forward the post, he had to go with them.

After an early career as a clown called Wobblebottom (no, really!), he joined the cast of the West End musical, Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story where he played the Clearlake MC for a total of eight years, including stints on the UK tour and in Toronto, Canada.

Tommy then moved into the world of theatre production, where he wrote, directed and appeared in theatre tours such as Robinson CrusoeHey Diddle Diddle, and Goldilocks & The Three Bears.

As an author, Tommy’s series of comedy horror novels, Scream Street, is published by Walker Books in the UK, Candlewick Press in the USA and major foreign publishers in many territories around the world.


164: Three chapter critique + signed copy of AND BY THE WAY by Denise Deegan

ITEM: First three chapter critique plus signed copy of AND BY THE WAY by Denise Deegan

DETAILS: At Strandbrook College, we are Kids Of. Kids of diplomats, media stars, musicians, artists, actors, oh, and wealthy people who aspire to all of that,’ Alex Newman says in the first book of the New Butterfly Novels series, And By The Way. Alex’s own dad is a rock star. As far as she’s concerned, that’s the bad news.And By The Way is the story of Alex who has lost her mum to cancer and her dad, ‘The Rockstar’, to work. Alex is angry. With everyone. Especially David McFadden who could have helped her but didn’t. Now, six months later, Alex doesn’t want help. She’s not going to trust anyone, love anyone, rely on anyone. That way, she’ll never get hurt again. At least, that’s her plan….

BIO: Author of four contemporary novels, Denise Deegan hadn’t planned to write for Young Adults but then the voice of Alex Newman, the sixteen-year-old daughter of a rock star, entered her head and wouldn’t go away. The result: AND BY THE WAY, the first in a new series of Young Adult books, The Butterfly Novels. Check out: www.butterflynovels.com. Follow Denise on Twitter @denisedeegan

161: Manuscript/submission package critique + mentoring by YA author KERIS STAINTON + signed books

ITEM: Manuscript and submission package critique by YA author Keris Stainton, plus signed copies of DELLA SAYS: OMG! and signed proof of JESSIE HEARTS NYC

DETAILS: I will read your YA manuscript (up to 60,000 words) and advise on plot, characterisation, setting and dialogue (nothing puts me off a book faster than bad dialogue). I will help you write a query letter, put together a synopsis and polish your first three chapters until they squeak.

BIO: Keris Stainton is a compulsive writer, voracious reader and obsessive tweeter. Her first YA novel DELLA SAYS: OMG! came out last year and has been shortlisted for Lancashire Book of the Year 2011. Her second, JESSIE HEARTS NYC, comes out in July and she’s hoping to get a trip to New York out of it…

159: Signed set of ASK AMY GREEN books by Sarah Webb

ITEM: Signed set of ASK AMY GREEN books by Sarah Webb.

DETAILS: Amy Green is an agony aunt with a difference, she’s only thirteen! described by Cathy Cassidy as ‘A fab and funny read’, the Amy Green books are perfect for readers of 10+.

BIO: Irish writer, Sarah Webb is the author of the hugely popular Ask Amy Green series for readers of 10+. She has also written nine bestselling novels including Always the Bridesmaid, Anything for Love, and The Loving Kind.

A regular on Irish televison and radio, Sarah is ‘Sort it Out, Sarah’, the resident agony aunt on RTE television’s Elev8. She also reviews children’s books for the Irish Independent, and programmes the children’s events for the Mountains to Sea Literary Festival in Dublin.

After studying Arts in Trinity College, Dublin, Sarah worked in the book trade for over fifteen years as a Children’s Buyer. She now combines writing with school visits in Ireland and the UK, talking and giving workshops at literary festivals, and volunteering at Roddy Doyle’s Fighting Words creative writing centre.  She is on the board of Children’s Books Ireland, the national organisation for books and reading. Based in Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin, with her partner and three children, Sarah spends as much time as possible in West Cork.

Sarah’s books have been shortlisted for the Irish Book Awards and the Queen of Teen Award and she is currently working on her tenth adult novel and her fifth Ask Amy Green novel. For more information see http://www.askamygreen.com or http://www.sarahwebb.ie