UPDATED 134: Hand-made artist’s pamphlet of poetry and art work by Rachel J. Fenton

ITEM: A hand-made artist’s pamphlet of poetry and art work by RACHEL J FENTON.

DETAILS: The 30 poem collection is called Throwing Stars and is printed on quality paper with hand painted cover, hand beaded page marker and glow in the dark presentation envelope.

BIO: Rachel J. Fenton is a writer/painter lving in Auckland. She has fiction, poetry, criticism, photography and art housed in diverse journals and zines, including: Horizon Review; Melusine; Otoliths; The Camel Saloon; Ramshackle Review; Camroc Press Review; Ink, Sweat & Tears; Writer’s Eye Magazine; Eclectic Flash; The Literary Burlesque; and others. Her flash “Rogue Trading” was shortlisted for the Fish 2010 One Page Prize and “One Of These Days” was longlisted for the Sean O’Faolain 2010 International Short Story Prize. Links to other published works can be found at: snowlikethought.blogspot.com.