137: Signed copy of THE MAN WHO PAINTED AGNIESZKA’S SHOES by Dan Holloway + original cover art + lifetime free entry pass

ITEM: I would like to offer a signed copy of my book The Man Who Painted Agnieszka’s Shoes, along with the original cover art for the book, PLUS a lifetime free entry pass to all eight cuts gallery live spoken word shows (we currently run shows monthly in Oxford with a £3 entry, but also do regular shows in London)

DETAILS: Why are there some images we just can’t look away from, whilst others fade without us ever noticing they were there?

When mysterious Polish woman Agnieszka Iwanowa’s tragi-comic death in a gym accident is uploaded to YouTube, the film’s final image of her upturned trainers is rehashed by everyone from right wing extremists to a reclusive installation artist who only speaks through his dominatrix PA.Now Dan Griffiths has to make the image fresh.

The search for Agnieszka’s secret slowly overtakes Dan’s search for his own daughter, missing for ten years, ignored by the media, and now sending him – and the reader – glimpses of messages from what seems like another world.Dan’s journey sucks him into the worlds of political extremism; BDSM; a haiku-composing graffiti artist; an online community devoted to the dead girl, and its reclusive Japanese schoolboy moderator who has just paid half a million dollars for the diary of a scientist whose work he believes will enable him to bring Agnieszka back from the dead.

This is a story about a world gone numb, a world in which pain is the only thing that’s real

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