When does bidding start?
Bidding opened at 8am GMT on Tuesday 15th March.

When does bidding end?
The auction closed at 8pm GMT on Sunday 20th March.

The comments boxes on the auction items are now closed.

Where do I place my bid?
In the Comments box under the relevant post.

What currency can I bid in?
Please only bid in UK Pounds.

Can I bid from overseas?
Yes, as long as you write the bid in UK Pounds in the Comments box. You will be paying direct to the British Red Cross and they DO accept international donations.

How many items can I bid on?
You can bid on as many items as you like as long as you are prepared to donate that amount to the British Red Cross if you are the highest bidder.

How will I know if I’ve won?
Once the auction has ended, you can check the comments box to see if yours was the highest bid. But don’t worry, we’ll be contacting the winning bidder with all the information they need to finalise their bid.

How will the people who have donated items for auction know where to send the item to?
When the winning bidder has been notified, paid their donation to the British Red Cross and emailed us the receipt as proof of payment, we will notify the author and give them the delivery/other relevant details.

Can I donate?
We stopped accepting donations on Monday 14th March at 5pm (GMT) in order to let the auction go live by Tuesday morning (15th).

I listed my donation but it’s not on the site – what can I do?
Please check if you have an email from Keris – it may be that we’re waiting for more information from you. If not, please email AuthorsForJapan@googlemail.com.

My donation is on the site, but my name’s not in the tag cloud
Apologies – we’re trying to fix this.


3 Comments on “FAQ”

  1. John says:

    Sorry I missed the news of this, I’ve a number of titles I could have donated, including many Japanese books.

  2. Dejiridoo says:

    This seems like a great cause, but a bit more transparency, please. Who is organizing this? Are all the authors from the same publishing house? Are you registered as a charity? Are you using a pass-through? How are you contacting the authors? Seems like a great cause but you should really have this information on your site and make it as transparent as possible.


    • Keris says:

      Thanks, Dejiridoo. I have organised it – Keris Stainton. No, the authors aren’t from the same publishing house. No, not registered as a charity either and payments are being made directly to the Red Cross (I assume that’s what you mean by a “pass-through”?) The authors contacted me after I mooted the idea of an auction on Twitter.