142: Signed copy of BLACK BOXES by Caroline Smailes + character name

ITEM: Caroline Smailes will name a character in her next novel after the winning bidder plus a signed copy of her novel BLACK BOXES.

DETAILS: Meet Ana Lewis. She is 37 years old and lives with her two children, Pip and Davie. She has just taken an overdose of pills.

By the end of this book Ana will be dead.

Black Boxes follows the final hours of Ana’s life, recording her thoughts and memories. As the drugs start to kick in, we discover the awful sequence of events which have brought her to this moment.

We also get to read pages from the diary of Pip, her teenage daughter, which reveals another side to the story and, just perhaps, a small glimmer of hope.

The second novel from the acclaimed author of In Search of Adam is a heartbreaking but impressive work, from one of the most original voices in modern fiction.

Accomplished and affecting, Caroline Smailes weaves together a catastrophic tale of mismatched lives.


37: Advice and feedback on synopsis, cover letter and first chapter from CAROLINE SMAILES / BubbleCow

ITEM: Advice and feedback on synopsis, cover letter and first chapter from Caroline Smailes / BubbleCow (www.bubblecow.co.uk).

BIO: Novelist Caroline Smailes, a graduate of MMU’s Creative Writing School, has gained a wealth of experience within the publishing and literary community. She has participated in literary festivals and given workshops across the country focusing on the art of fiction, the building of author web presence and the craft of writing.

As well as writing literary fiction, blogging and twittering, Caroline mentored for Tonto Books in their Arts Council-supported project to discover, develop and publish talented new writers from the North East of England and also judged in the New Novelist competition.

She worked as an editor and as a reader for several publishers, before founding and developing the literary consultancy BubbleCow, from an understanding that modern writers require fast, efficient and affordable services that can be tailored to meet personal needs.

Her first three novels, In Search of Adam, Black Boxes and Like Bees to Honey were published by The Friday Project, an imprint of Harper Collins, with her digital novel scheduled for winter 2011. She lives on the Wirral with her husband and three children.