12: Telephone coaching session with Coaching Writers

ITEM: 1 hour telephone coaching session (normally £75) with Eve Menezes Cunningham at www.coachingwriters.co.uk

After your hour’s telephone coaching session (you’ll phone her at an agreed time), she’ll send you a FREE Session Summary and Action Plan to remind you of what you spoke about and all the steps you can take to achieve your writing goals.

DETAILS: Eve is a freelance writer and coach. When she coaches writers, she uses a blend of business coaching, life coaching, NLP and EFT to help writers write and sell more, get motivated, overcome rejection, get organised (from time management to clutter clearing) and generally enjoying their writing lives more. She works with non-fiction authors, staff journalists, freelance journalists, magazine editors, writers who are new to freelancing, published novelists, TV, radio and other professional writers and aspiring writers.

For more information, please visit www.coachingwriters.co.uk