15: Submissions package critique + signed GETTING AWAY WITH IT by Julie Cohen

ITEM: Critique of a submission package (query letter, synopsis and three chapters) plus signed hardcover copy of GETTING AWAY WITH IT.

BIO: I’m a writer and a teacher, an American living in England, and have had 13 romantic novels published since 2006. I teach writing workshops around the country and generally spend far too much time thinking about shoes, tea and chocolate. My website is http://www.julie-cohen.com and I tweet as @julie_cohen. My latest novel, GETTING AWAY WITH IT, is out in paperback on 17 March 2011.

DETAILS: “Wherever there’s trouble there’s Liza Haven…”

That’s what the villagers of Stoneguard used to say. But when your identical twin sister’s the local golden girl, sometimes it’s more fun to be the bad twin. Now working in LA as a stuntwoman, Liza can be as wild as she wants. But when she loses her job, and almost her life, she’s forced to return home.

Only, things have changed in Stoneguard and her sister Lee has gone, deserting their difficult mother, a flagging family business and a dangerously attractive boyfriend. What’s more, everyone in the village thinks Liza is Lee. Can Liza get away with pretending to be the good twin? Or is it finally time to find out who she really is?

A hilarious and heartbreaking story about running away and finding your way home again.