42: Chapter critique + character name + signed proof of LIA’S GUIDE TO WINNING THE LOTTERY by Keren David

ITEM: Chapter critique (up to 2,000 words), a signed copy of the proof of LIA’S GUIDE TO WINNING THE LOTTERY and the chance to name a character in my next book.

DETAILS: Money can’t buy you love. But it can buy many other very nice things. Lia’s mum is a nag, her sister’s a pain and she’s getting nowhere in pursuit of the potentially paranormal Raf. Then she wins £8 million in the lottery, and suddenly everything is different. But will Lia’s fortune create more problems than it solves? Everyone dreams of winning the lottery – but what’s it really like?

BIO: Keren David is the author of WHEN I WAS JOE and ALMOST TRUE. WHEN I WAS JOE won the North East Teenage Book Award, was highly commended for the Teenage Book Trust Prize and nominated for the Carnegie Medal. Her next book, LIA’S GUIDE TO WINNING THE LOTTERY will be published in August 2011.