29: Signed copies of FLEDGLING and KILLER by Mari Miniatt

ITEM: I am offering copies of the first two books of my vampire series: The Coiree Guardians. Signed of course.

Fledgling – Beka has two teachers after she becomes a vampire. Vincent, a friend, before she walked in on him feeding and the giant, Steopa. Under the nightclub, where she lives and works, is a secret, and a rival comes to town. Beka has to become much stronger than she thought she was, to help protect her friends, and end the murders.

Killer – Vincent had been a killer. Now his prey comes to him. He no longer has to hunt or worry about his meals. It has gotten too easy. Two vampires come into his life. An old friend and a new competition. When one of them crosses the line and hurts one of Vincent’s donors. He has to become like he had been, a killer. But this time, things go very differently.

My website is http://www.mariminiatt.com