63: Career consultation with Sara Sheridan + signed copies SECRET OF THE SANDS and SECRET MANDARIN

ITEM: A 30 minute career consultation by phone for a fledgling writer with Sara Sheridan PLUS signed copies of her novels SECRET OF THE SANDS and SECRET MANDARIN.

Secret of the Sands – Based on three letters discovered in the National Library of Scotland, and set on the Arabian Peninsula, this lush novel follows the travels of Lieutenant James Raymond Wellsted, the first European given permission to enter the desert by the Sultan of Oman.

Secret Mandarin – Based on the real-life adventures of botanist, Robert Fortune, who stole tea plants from the Chinese after the Opium War to set up the Himalayan tea plantations.

BIO: Sara Sheridan is an historical novelist and also writes children’s picture books. She sits on the committee of the Society of Authors in Scotland and is an active member of 26 – the campaign for the importance of words. In the last year she has had her first poem exhibited at the V&A during London Design Week, appeared at a number of book festivals in the UK and blogged for the London Review of Books and the Guardian. She is curious about explorers, adventurers, history and books.

Sara blogs at www.sarasheridan.com and can be found tweeting as @sarasheridan