4: Six months children’s/YA writer mentoring with Susie Day

ITEM: Six months mentoring for a children’s or YA writer.

DETAILS: This will include me working with you (via email, at least twice a month, though I can type for Blighty so in practice it’ll probably be much more than that) in whatever way is most appropriate for the stage you’re at – whether you’re already groaning under the weight of rejection letters, or wondering how to take an idea from your head and make it happen on the page.

I’ll critique chapters, and help you write a synopsis. I’ll give you advice on social media, and guide you to good resources and clever people. I’ll badger you into writing through the glum times, and I’ll cheer you on when it flows. You know how all those ‘How To’ books tell you to get someone impartial to read your work, a crit partner or a writers’ circle, someone who understands? That’ll be me. (I promise to be nice. And occasionally stern and teacher-like, because that will actually be useful. But mostly nice.)

Open internationally, no picture books or poetry please!

BIO: I write funny books for peculiar girls. My books include teen blog-novel BIG WOO and geek romance GIRL MEETS CAKE (published in the US as SERAFINA67 and MY INVISIBLE BOYFRIEND): my new series MERMAID GIRLS for 8-12s is out next year, along with another YA novel.