One week on…

… and things are just starting to wind down on the admin front.

There are just a (very) few payments still outstanding (we’ve sent out a “gentle reminder” today) and lots of authors have contacted us to confirm that items have already been posted. We hope you’re all happy with your winnings.

The updated total is


(£13,467.21 including Gift Aid)

Thank you again for your incredible generosity.

Donors update and more auctions

Hello! We’ve now received almost all of the payments, which is just fantastic – thank you!

We’re plodding along with emailing the donors too, but it’s a bit fiddly and takes a while so don’t worry if you haven’t heard anything yet. We’re endeavouring to have emailed everyone by the end of this week.

In other news, you might want to check out Kidlit4Japan: a children’s and YA literature auction to benefit the victims of the earthquake and tsunami.

Also, lovely Jill Mansell advised us of Genre for Japan, a science fiction, fantasy and horror auction in aid of the Red Cross Japanese Tsunami Appeal.

Payments update

Morning! We tried to post this update last night, but WordPress was down.

Just wanted to say that we’ve already received payment on over 100 items, which is brilliant.

We’ll start emailing donors (with the details of the winning bidders) today.

If you haven’t yet paid and are a UK tax payer, please consider adding Gift Aid to your donation – it increases it by 28% and doesn’t cost you an extra penny.

Thank you! You’re amazing.

Update: Highest bidder emails

We’re still reeling after the excitement of the past week, but just to let you know that emails have been sent to the highest bidders with instructions on what to do now.

If you haven’t received one, check your spam folder and, if it’s not there, email us at

(N.B. These emails are to the winning bidders. Emails will go out to the donors once payment confirmations have been received.)

Thanks again for all your support

Grand total!

You’ve raised…


for the Red Cross Japan Tsunami appeal.

Thank you so much. You’re amazing.

We will now email the highest bidders with all the information they need to finalise their bid. Please don’t worry if you don’t hear anything immediately – we have a lot of emails to send. (We’ll keep updating this site with our progress.)

Donors – once the bidders have done their bit, we’ll be in touch with you with the information about how to send off your item.

* This may change once some bids have been finalised and we’ve had a chance to double-check our sums!

Auction is now closed

Please do not submit any more bids because they won’t be counted.

Thank you so much for all your incredible support.

We’ll be back later with the total raised and to let the winning bidders know what they need to do next.

Writer Diane Shipley’s top picks

Diane Shipley is a writer/journalist/blogger who contributes to books, websites, newspapers and magazines and spends too much time thinking about pizza. (She’s also offering lot 57, just FYI.) Here’s five of her faves:

4: Six months children’s/YA writer mentoring with Susie Day

My mouth literally dropped open when I read about this fabulous and generous prize that could kickstart a children’s/YA author’s career. “I’ll badger you into writing through the glum times, and I’ll cheer you on when it flows,” Susie says. If I wrote fiction for young ‘uns, I would jump on that.

32: Design, Build and Launch of a Book/Writing Themed Blog or Website by Brendan Gannon

Have you ever priced website design? I have, and it usually starts at “out of my league” and rises to “I’m choking here! ” As I write this, the highest bid is just £170 for a site that would normally cost at a least a grand. You can’t be a writer these days without a web presence, and prettier is always better. If you were going to budget for a site anyway, why not get one that’s a bargain and helps Japan?

26: Four week freelance journalism telephone mentoring sessions + signed books by LINDA JONES

All of the coaching auction items look fabulous but if you want to be a journalist, this one could seriously make your career. And right now it’s still a total bargain considering Linda’s years of experience and the individual feedback, encouragement, and kick-ass no-nonsense advice she will undoubtedly give.

23: Dedication in the front of JILL MANSELL’S next book

I know I’m about the three zillionth person to mention what a great opportunity this is, but I’m blown away by Jill’s generosity in devoting this space in her book, which could be used to thank someone close to her, to a stranger, in order to help Japan. And it seems like she thought no-one would bid on this wonderful prize! Think again…

90: Opening Chapter Critique for YA or Middle Grade novels by CANDY GOURLAY (1 of 3)

Candy Gourlay has been so generous: as well as donating two signed and drawn-upon copies of her highly-acclaimed book, Tall Story, she’s offering three opportunities to have your YA/middle grade fiction critiqued. Tall Story was shortlisted for the UKLA Children’s Book Award, the Blue Peter My Favourite Story Prize and the Waterstone’s Children’s Book Prize, so she knows what she’s talking about. See all her lots here.

YA Author Keris Stainton’s picks

Keris Stainton is the author of YA novels DELLA SAYS: OMG! and the forthcoming JESSIE ♥ NYC. She spends her days tweeting, drinking tea and thinking about David Mitchell.

50: Signed first edition hardback of SCRIVENER’S MOON by Philip Reeve

I started reading children/YA fiction when I worked at Waterstone’s years ago and Philip Reeve’s Mortal Engines (It was a dark, blustery afternoon in spring, and the city of London was chasing a small mining town across the dried-out bed of the old North Sea …) was one of the first books I was completely blown away by. I’m not ashamed to say that I did a little squee when I got Philip’s email.

57: Non Fiction critique up to 3000 words by Diane Shipley + copies of FILLED WITH GLEE, A TASTE OF TRUE BLOOD, and HOUSE, UNAUTHORIZED

Diane is not only a wonderful writer, she’s one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met. If you’re interested in writing non-fic, her advice would be invaluable. Also? Glee!

174: Character name in NAOMI ALDERMAN’s new novel DOCTOR WHO: BORROWED TIME

Now I’m no Whovian, but even I can see what a fabulous, most likely once-in-a-lifetime, opportunity this is. Your name. In the Whoniverse (I have no idea if they call it that, but if they don’t they totally should).

60: One to one social media mentoring with Alison Norrington

I don’t think it would be overstating things to say that social media completely changed my life. You need to look at your online presence and Alison Norrington is an expert in the field.

179: Signed pre-publication proof copy of ESSIE FOX’s novel The Somnambulist

I know Essie via Twitter and I’ve been excited about this book since I first heard of it. It sounds glorious. And the cover is beautiful too.

Journalist Andrea Wren’s top picks

Andrea Wren is a freelance journalist and travel writer, and has written past and present for national publications such as the Guardian, The Times, The Independent, Wanderlust, Zest, Glamour and Spirit & Destiny, plus in flight magazines like easyJet Traveller and JetAway, and regional publications like North West Business Insider. She writes a travel blog called Travelling Wren.


Linda is a whirlwind – I’ve never known anyone as driven as her, but as helpful and supportive as well. Today’s freelance market is tough so anyone with a freelance writing career should JUMP at the chance of bidding for a place on this workshop. It will be a wonderful opportunity to learn from Linda.

134: Hand-made artists pamphlet of poetry and art work by Rachel J. Fenton

What a beautiful and rare thing to own! Not a commercially published book, but a collection hand-made from the author and artist herself. And Rachel’s poetry is very rich, almost visual in itself.

180. Walk-on part in REBECCA EMIN’S next novel + signed books

I just think this would make a lovely and such an unusual gift for someone – who wouldn’t want to see themselves featured in a book? Especially a child. A very rare opportunity for the winner, in my opinion.

60: One to one social media mentoring with Alison Norrington

Need to brush up on your social media skills? Then look no further. Alison Norrington’s offer is one to be snapped at. I think there’s nothing quite like real live mentoring to work out a strategy for the virtual world!

32: Design, Build and Launch of a Book/Writing Themed Blog or Website by Brendan Gannon

This is a FABULOUS auction lot. You couldn’t ask for anyone more qualified to design your website, and there’s no place in today’s world to be an author without an online presence or blog.

Chicklish editor Luisa Plaja’s top picks

Luisa Plaja is the author of several novels for teenagers, including the transatlantic parallel-life tale Split by a Kiss and its body-swap sequel Swapped by a Kiss. Her next novel, Kiss Date Love Hate, will be out in July. She blogs about books at Chicklish.

She was asked for five Children’s/YA picks and, ahem, she obviously can’t count, but in her defence there are somany great items to bid on…

148 Signed copies of all four books in the Skate School series by KAY WOODWARD

This is a fantastic children’s series about ice-skating. I wish I could live in this world! Of course, the next best thing would be to own the entire series, signed by the lovely author…

140 Signed original drawing of Charlie from CASTLE OF SHADOWS by Ellen Renner

The author’s original illustration of her defiant, brave heroine at a major moment. Wow.

138 Signed copy of DARK RIDE by Caroline Green

A signed debut novel by a brilliant author – I want it, I want it!

93 Critique of a submission package for a children’s or YA novel + signed copy of HOW ALI FERGUSON SAVED HOUDINI by Elen Caldecott

Elen Caldecott’s books are perfect for young readers and I adore the feisty, realistic characters she creates. This is a wonderful lot – bid bid bid!

70 Paperback edition of TALL STORY, signed and drawn on by Candy Gourlay

Who wouldn’t want a copy of this charming, magical book, signed with an original cartoon by its amazing author Candy Gourlay. I know I would… *scrabbles for extra pennies*

42 Chapter critique + character name + signed proof of LIA’S GUIDE TO WINNING THE LOTTERY by Keren David

I love Keren David’s books and I can’t wait to read her next one, Lia’s Guide to Winning the Lottery. This lot has everything: a guaranteed great read, the chance for your name to feature in a future Keren David novel, and sound writing advice.

33 Children’s YA manuscript report by EMILY GALE

Manuscript advice from Emily Gale? Utterly priceless.